Alicia Butterworth (Eames) is an experienced international location sound recordist who has worked on a wide range of projects from feature documentaries to award winning TV shows. As well as freelancing as a sound recordist, Alicia is currently conducting research into spatial sound for virtual reality films at Griffith University and is a lecturer at the School of Audio Engineering. Alicia is passionate about the transformative power of sound to move audiences through film-based storytelling and loves nothing more than fantastic and clean on-set audio.

Some of my credits as a sound recordist include:
Documentary: Wik VS QLD, Against the Wind, Making Tracks (Wildbear Productions), Under This Sky (SBS), 100% Brisbane
Lifestyle/Reality TV: House Hunters International (Global), House Rules (CH7), The Last Resort (CH9), 48 Hour Destination (CH10)
Drama: Sally and Possum (ABC)
News and sport: Logies (2018), A Current Affair (CH9), 7 Sport, Fox Sports, The Project
Feature Film: Spacetime (2018)

I began messing around with cameras at a young age when my dad first let me into his black and white film photography lab in our shed. A couple of years later we got one of those old mini-VHS tape cameras and I used to drive my sister nuts directing her in our crash-edited home movies.

I graduated Griffith Film School in 2007 and completed a post-graduate certificate in Marketing at QUT in 2012. Throughout my career I have been very fortunate to fill many different roles alongside many excellent people. Camera assist, photographer, cinematographer, production designer, video editor and as what has become my specialty – location sound recordist.

If you are looking for a location sound recordist (or VR sound person) please get in touch. I also love a chat and a cup of coffee (especially if there is cake).

My latest project has been the production of a virtual reality film as part of a research project into spatial sound for virtual reality. The film is called ‘Afraid of the Dark’ and you can find a trailer here.